Owned Media, Outsourced Ops

Our team of expert newsletter operators will launch, run, monetize and grow your newsletter business, so you don't have to. All for one, fixed monthly price.

Running a newsletter business is simple but not easy...

A newsletter business is a revenue generating, independent media property that you own, where your traffic can't be taken away (unlike niche sites - see Content Websites Are Dead).It's a simple business model, but it's hard work to create and publish unique content that will engage your audience, week in, week out. It's also hard work to sell ads, manage your inventory and report on results.

By letting us run your newsletter, we keep your audience engaged and monetize through sponsorships, affiliate and your own products. You let us hire writers, manage deadlines and sell ads.If you are an existing business, such as a software company, we can launch an independent newsletter for you, which you can "sponsor" to generate new leads. If you're an investor buying newsletters on marketplaces such as Duuce, you can fully outsource operations to us.We take on business, investing and web3 newsletters to achieve synergies in monetization and growth. Outside of these areas we can refer you to other, suitable newsletter agencies.

We partner with beehiiv...

We've used all the newsletter platforms on the market, but only have faith in one to truly scale your newsletter business. If you are not already using beehiiv we will switch you over, and set up your account.

We partner with Passionfroot...

We've driven multiple six figures in sponsorships and have tried every type of tool and system to manage the process. We choose Passionfroot to price and set out your packages, and attract and convert interest.

Our Team

Richard Patey

Richard built and sold a top 25 paid Substack publication about website investing back in 2020, as well as two business newsletters to the Wisdom Media rollup in 2023. He runs his own newsletter Digital Asset Investor whilst helping the media rollup (which has 20+ newsletters) with strategy and the sponsorship sales process.

Maciej Marek

Over the past two years, Maciej has driven over $1 million in sales through newsletters with his business Lettersight. He has built out systems from managing over 10+ newsletters in fields like technology, marketing, sales, education and e-commerce, and has become the go-to for newsletter owners seeking expertise in research, writing, and technical execution.

Our Insights

Our Package

All-In Package


No contract, cancel at any time

  • Existing audience profiling & market research

  • Content strategy & custom newsletter template

  • Beehiiv setup (i.e. subscribe funnel, referral program)

  • Beehiiv management (i.e. boosts, recommendations)

  • Weekly sending and reporting

  • Sponsorship management & media planning

  • Advisory around monetization & growth

Month One

Audience Profiling & Market Research: We profile your existing list (to inform both content and sponsors), and find your sub-niche vs other newsletters in your market.

Content Strategy & Template: We build the newsletter structure and template based on all of the research.

Beehiiv Setup: We launch you on or move you to beehiiv, and set up every aspect of the account.

From Month Two

Weekly Sending: Our team of writers and editors craft and publish content that resonates with your audience.

Beehiiv Management: We optimize your recommendations and manage Boosts for growth & monetization.

Sponsorship Management: We set up and create your packages on Passionfroot, get you access to the beehiiv ad network, and bring in sponsors from our relationships.

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